British Air Services

In Memoriam

Grande Bretagne

British Air services était composée de trois compagnies : B.K.S, Cambrian Airways et Northeast Airlines. BAS fut intégrée dans British Airways pour former la Regional Division en 1972.

Great Britain

British Air services comprised three companies : B.K.S., Cambrian Airways and Northeast Airlines. BASD was merged with British Airways in 1972 to form its Regional Division.

B.K.S Cambrian Airways

Code IATA : CS   IATA code : CS

Northeast Airlines

Code IATA : NS   IATA code : NS

Airspeed Elisabethan

Ostend - OST 1962

Vickers Viscount 806
Ostend - OST 1965

BAC 1-11-408
London Heathrow - LHR 1972

Hawker Siddeley HS-121Trident 1E-110
London Heathrow - LHR 1972

Vickers Viscount 806
London Heathrow - LHR 1972